How it works

Perfect protection with ease...

UNIQBAGs are available in standardized sizes, as well as individualized shapes for special products, making UNIQBAG one of the most flexible packaging solutions in the market.

UNIQBAGs protect any item, because of the closely placed air-cushions, which tightly surround the product once they are filled with air. By welding certain points during the manufacturing process, we are able to create different UNIQBAG shapes and models to meet the various needs of our customers.

UNIQBAGs are not only flexible, they are extremely sturdy, stable, humidity resistant and provide significant cost savings!

It's as easy as that...

All you need is an air compressor and an inflating nozzle/gun. Then the UNIQBAG can be used as a powerful protecting skin for your product.

fill with air

Fill up faster...

with our powerful Workstation Inflation Tool! It will speed up the total packaging process significantly. TRY IT OUT!

Workstation Inflation Tool
inflation tool

...or alternatively, try our small inflating tool:

Inflating Tool