iPhone protection

The ultimate iPhone 6 drop test...

The world's looking on the new iPhone 6. News about #bendgate and crashed displays spread all over the world...

We've put it to the test and dropped a brandnew iPhone 6 by a drone from 200 feet - of course protected by a UNIQBAG! ;-)

UNIQBAG can protect your most Delicate of Investments, too!

We have produced many different specially-sized UNIQBAGs for our customers already, thus our range of bag-types has been growing steadily. We offer UNIQBAGs for books, cameras and commercially used gadgets - everything is possible. Please send us your request through our Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fenstercontact form.

Info Sheet (PDF)

Download it here:

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Superior for...

...glass bottles and medical goods!

bottles and medical goods

Extremely flexible...

...to protect nearly all types of products!