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iPhone 6 survives a drop test at 200 feet with UNIQBAG Packaging

Gardena, California – Monday, October 13, 2014 – UNIQBAG, an established leader in protective packaging, is proud to prove the security of their packaging.  In order to ensure the strongest and most durable packaging on the market today, Uniqbag has taken the extra step to show a number of experiments done on YouTube on just how strong they are.  After dropping a brand new iPhone secured within one of Uniqbag’s airbag packages from a drone at a height of over 200 feet, the results were proven a success.  Available for viewing on YouTube, this video demonstration shows that Uniqbag is the most powerful protective skin for any product.  

These inflatable customized packaging solutions are humidity resistant, lightweight, and extremely durable.  Mainly for the use of shipping and packaging fragile electronic products such as laptops, tablets, and iPhones, Uniqbag is also a great choice for shipping wine bottles, medicinal products, and even cold chain.  To test the durability of Uniqbag’s inflatable packaging solution, many tests have been conducted to ensure the most secure packaging possible.  Uniqbag sales director, Gideon Goerts has said that “As we trust a lot in our packaging, I dropped my brand-new iPhone from a drone at more than 200 feet”.  Goerts also states that “Uniqbags are available in standardized sizes, as well as individualized shapes for special products, making Uniqbag one of the most flexible packaging solutions in the market.”

Uniqbag stands closely by its mission statement, “Protecting your most delicate of investments”. 


Founded in 2013, Uniqbag was created to protect any item in the most durable way possible for businesses and consumers.  Made with closely placed air-cushions which tightly surround the product once they are filled with air, Uniqbag is a leading name in protective packaging today.  Based in Germany, the company has grown and is used by major shipping companies around the world including, but not limited to FedEx and UPS.  

To find out more information on Uniqbag, visit them online at www.uniqbag.com


Address: 363 W. Victoria - Gardena CA 90248, USA

Phone: 1-323-522-5625

Email: sales@uniqbag.com                             Website: www.uniqbag.com

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